Portable toilet hire for the disabled

Luxury Toilets for Hire

Essential Loo Hire provide luxury loos for weddings, parties and hospitality events

There are "horses for courses"  and then there are loos for every occasion. Sometimes you need to check that the lipstick is still perfectly aplied and that the bow tie has not slipped to a disconcerting 45 degrees.

Whether you are hosting a charity event, a wedding reception or a party, Essential Loo Hire can provide the facilities you require.

We have trailer units that can be delivered, parked and left fully stocked for short or long term events with regular servicing.

We also have toilets that can be connected to the mains services available for hire for fetes, weddings, outdoor musical events, public seasonal events, sporting events where large volumes of people need to be catered for quickly such as at football stadiums, marathons and track events.

We also have durable, robust toilets designed for construction and building sites which are mains connected with hot water facilities.

Our portable toilet range also caters for people with disabilities or who use wheelchairs providing toilets with additional space for wheelchairs and carers and additional supporting handrails.

All our temporary toilets can be used as stand alone chemical units or be connected to the mains and we are happy to make them available for long or short term hire.