Portable toilets and the entrepreneurial spirit

16 Aug, 2017

Portable loo at a pop up restaurant

We get photographs sent to us of portable toilets in a variety of places. Don't ask me why they send them to us, they just do.

We see portable toilets in use at established events, Goodwood festival of speed, football matches and sporting events, building sites and summer fete's.

But two instances sent from a friend on his jollies in Italy were I thought, newsworthy.

The first was in association with a restaurant. The popular term seems to be "pop up" restaurant, but I'm not sure how suddenly it popped up.

During the day two graffiti ridden corrugated shipment containers lie silent in a fairly low key area in the suburbs.

Then during the evening one of these containers that has probably got a few thousand nautical miles under it's belt turns into a kitchen serving freshly caught fish.

Apparently you select your choice of fish from a display on a bed of ice at a hatch that has been sawn out of the side of the container. 

The other container meanwhile disgorges a quantity of tables, chairs and a string of lights strung up between the trees, beer fridges, blackboards and other paraphernalia and lots of people come to eat and chill out under the trees and drink wine and beer whilst life goes on all around them. 

Nestling in the background is of course the all essential portable loo.

So....... step one I suppose is "find a tree"